Jane Table Loom


One of the best Table looms on the market. Designed by a weaver for weavers;  the Jane Table Loom offers exceptional features and performance.

This 8 shaft loom comes in 3 weaving widths, 40cm (15 3/4”), 5ocm (19 3/4″) or 70cm (27 5/8”).

Made of lacquered beech the loom is beautiful to look at and feels lovely.

To make life easier the Jane also has a built-in raddle which is a great bonus when it comes to warping.

The Jane is fully transportable and all models fold to a height of just 14cm, a bag is available for the Jane 40.

Brilliantly there is no cord wear since cords run over rollers plus the overhead beater stays out of the way when throwing the shuttle.

The loom is partly assembled and comes complete with a stainless steel reed 40-10 (metric) equivalent to 10dpi..

Texsolv heddles (205mm), tie-up and lease sticks and 16 warp sticks are also included with the Loom.

Also Available are:
Matching bench – height 57cm (22 3/8”)
Second warp beam, including backbeam
Matching Floor Stand

The full dimensions of the loom are:

(WxDxH) Jane 40: 57 x 75 x 65cm, Jane 50: 67 x 75 x 65 cm, Jane 70: 87 x 75 x 65cm


Jane 40: 10.5 kg (23 lb); Jane 50: TBC; Jane 70: 14 kg (31 lb)

 Louët looms are not supplied with a shuttle, threading hook or other warping tools. 

Jane Table Loom

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