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Louët weaving looms from The Threshing Barn.  We stock some but can order all Louët  Weaving Looms and Weaving Loom Accessories.

Louët makes looms suitable for all weavers. The table looms Klik and Jane are ideal for those with limited floor space  as the are small.  They also make ideal weaving looms if you like to take your Louët Weaving Loom travelling.

The David Weaving Loom is a deceptive Floor loom, it is a small Weaving loom and looks modest, but, in terms of its functional quality, surpasses many large floor looms.

The Spring and Delta Weaving Looms from Louët both have parallel countermarch systems for harness action and a moving breast beam to control the tension of the warp.  This makes them easy to use.

If you are looking for a choice of electronic or mechanical dobbys , then the Octado Weaving Loom and the Megado Loom (which also have a moving breast beam) and, the Magic Dobby, can be equipped with either.  This makes it easy to weave complicated patterns.

It is Cumbria Wool Gathering Weekend (https://cumbrianwoolgathering.co.uk/)! So any orders placed between 4pm Thurs June 20th and 4pm Mon 24th June won’t get posted out until Tues 25th June. I will however post them out 1st class.

The shop in Reeth will also be closed during this period.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused and thank you for supporting this small business.

Best Wishes
Sara x