David 3 Floor Loom


These looms are brought in to order – if you would like an estimate on delivery dates or would like to order a David loom please either email or call.

The David III is an 8 shaft loom that is available in 70, 90cm and 110 cm weaving width.  It has a simple compact form, yet surpasses all expectations in function and quality.  With each treadle tie-up, the shed has the characteristics of a counter march loom: An ingenious spring system pulls those shafts upward, that are not pulled down by the treadle.  The spring system also makes the treadles easy to operate and when you sit behind a David for the first time, it is a remarkable experience: you expect to use more effort to depress a treadle.  If you have started to depress a treadle on the David, however, no additional effort is needed to keep the shed open due to the built-in cam system.

This third generation David has a significant improvement in the modified, floor hinged beater system with shuttle race.  It has the advantages of a standing upright: the shuttle race guides shuttles, is adjustable in height and rests close to the shafts for an optimal shed.  On both sides, the beater hinges on a stainless-steel shaft.  This hinge and thus the beater is adjustable in height.
David is made of white beech wood and is delivered partially assembled.  This loom comes standard with: a 40-10 stainless steel reed, 800 Texsolv heddles (280 mm, pre-assembled), lease sticks and tie-up sticks, and sixteen warp separator sticks.  The friction brake is also standard with the David 3.
The loom is 87 / 107 / 127 cm wide, 85 cm deep and 127 cm high.  The warp beam can be folded up, at which time the folded depth is only 66 cm deep.
MaterialLacquered solid beech
Dimensions (bxdxh)David 70: 104 x 87 x120 cm, 40 kg (40 7/8 x 34 ¼ 1/4” x 47”, 88 lb)
David 90: 124 x 87 x120 cm, 44 kg (48 1/2” x 34 ¼ 1/4” x 47”, 98 lb)
David 110: 144 x 87 x120 cm, 48 kg (57” x 34 ¼ 1/4” x 47” 108 lb)
WeightDavid 70: 40 kg
David 90: 44 kg
David 110: 48 kg
We can order in for you all the accessories, extra warp beams, warp kits etc, please just contact us for prices and to order. Visit https://www.louet.nl/product-categorie/david-3-en/?lang=en&v=79cba1185463 to see all the accessory options

David 3 Floor Loom

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