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Funem Large Tapestry Loom Frame


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Take your weaving and make it bigger!

Our Large Weaving Loom is a great and solid loom for creating woven wall hangings and other textiles.
It has a nice average size.
The weaving area is not that small but the loom is small enough to take it easily with you.
The Large Weaving Loom comes with:
– 2 weaving shuttles Large
– Heddle Bar Large Sett:
– 7 threads per inch – 4 mm between the threads
The loom is made from a fine quality beech wood.
Overall dimensions: L45cm x W33cm x H6cm // L 17,7 inch x W 13 inch x H 2,4 inch
Warping area: L39cm x W27 cm // L 15,4 inch x W 10,6 inch


• Made in Germany
• Weight: 1.543 lb

Funem Large Tapestry Loom Frame