Majacraft Hand Carders


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The Majacraft hand cards have many unique features to set them apart from the crowd.

The overall objective in the design process was crafting a card that was both very light, comfortable to use and aesthetically elegant.

Majacraft use bamboo plywood that is both very light and very strong. Several layers are laminated together to form the curved mounting board. The Carders also have a wide and comfortable bamboo handle that makes it easy to support each card while you are using them. Rather than use staples to secure the edges of the cloth, they have used double sided tape and special plastic edging that creates clean and tidy lines. The standard cloth they use is the great general purpose 96TPI.

Hand carders are an affordable and accessible way to start fibre preparation. They are used as a pair to either prepare the fibre or to blend fibres or colours. They can also give very fine control over the way the fibre is prepared or blended.


The hand card specifications are:

  • 96tpi cloth
  • cloth dimensions are 190mm (7.4″) wide by 100mm (3.9″) long
  • weight is 320gm (0.7lb) for the pair


Majacraft Hand Carders

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