Majacraft Standard Bobbins


Spare standard bobbin for all Majacraft Spinning Wheels except Aura

We have 3 different styles of standard bobbins in stock –

New Style Plastic – Black

NEW STYLE WOOD – Black and Bamboo

The Brand new design by Majacraft read more about them here


A Wooden Bobbin for all Majacraft Spinning Wheels – comes ready finished

This wooden bobbin offers stylish design and innovative technology for the discerning fibre artist. The Tawa bobbin ends and fibreglass core makes for a very distinctive bobbin. Each is individually hand turned by our skilled wood turners and will beautifully complement your Majacraft spinning wheel

The Plastic bobbins have a large capacity and are very durable. In fact, you can even dye and boil them with your yarn still on the bobbin! Interesting effects.

Majacraft Standard Bobbins

I am having a couple of nights away visiting family over the Easter Holidays. 
Any orders received after 2pm on Weds 3rd April, will be posted out 1st class when I am back on Saturday 6th April 1st class. Sorry for any inconvenience.
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