Valkyrie – Extra Fine Mini Combs


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Wonderful all purpose combs!

Nearly the same as the Extra Fine full sized combs but 1″ narrower and a little lighter.

The polished, hardened steel tines have a long taper to a sharp point and should never need straightening with normal use. They are flexible enough to take abuse and still bounce back to their intended alignment.
The tines slant back slightly for the last 1″ to the tip which helps them pass by each other without interference.

The head and handle are made of unfinished hard maple.

These are only available in double row.


Number of rows/pitch: 2
Total tines: 33 (17 in front and 16 behind)
Tine diameter: 3/32″
Tine length: approx. 4.25″
Tine setting/space apart: 3/16″ on center
Head width: 4″
Working width: 3″
Handle is 1″ diameter and about 5″ long.
Total weight for the pair is approximately 500g.

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Valkyrie – Extra Fine Mini Combs

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