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Get Weaving patterns have been specifically designed for narrow, hand woven fabrics. Pieces are all of a similar width and by making maximum use of the selvedges there is very little wastage. By using Sarah’s layout plans and cutting and sewing tips you will have the ingredients to turn your individual, hand woven fabrics into stylish, everyday clothing. Don’t be too scared to cut your fabric- we have a Secret Weapon to share with you!

Original patterns by Sarah Howard (co-author Simply Woven 1986, Creative Weaving 2007, Get Weaving 2014)

Sarah has been a teacher for over 40 years and have inspired and helped many people to begin weaving and making clothes. All the patterns are tried and tested

Each pattern can be made using a variety of different fibres and yarns. On the back of each pattern is the required finished fabric size, as if you were buying it from a store. This does not include loom wastage or shrinkage because this differs from one loom and one fabric to another. Sarah says what the sett was for each pattern and recommend types of yarns that would be suitable

Sarah does her calculations for yarn amounts required using wraps per inch- a lot of her yarn is handspun or has no label, she finds this works best and she usually weaves and washes a small sample

Her calculations for her woven fabrics for garment making- as a balanced weave:

Finished fabric required: eg 15in x 120in @ 10dpi

Width in heddle: 15in + 10% draw in (1.5in) = 16.5in

Length of warp: 120in + 10% loom take up (12in) + 20in loom waste = 152in/ 4.22yd/ 3.86m

So the required warp for this is 16.5in wide x 152in/ 4.22yd/ 3.86m long

Number of ends = 16.5 (width) x 10 (dpi) = 165 ends

165 ends x 152 (length) = 25,080in/ 696.66yd/ 637.03m warp yarn

Many yarns state the length on a label making it a lot easier to calculate how much yarn to buy, I usually buy a bit extra to be on the safe side. If the warp and weft are the same yarn I buy the same amount of weft as warp, I prefer to have some left over than not enough

And a final note- please make a mock up in spare fabric before cutting up your lovely handwoven fabric, to check the fit and familiarise yourself with the instructions


Happy Weaving!


Sarah Howard/ Get Weaving November 2023


instagram: getweavingwithsarah

Pattern T006

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