Golden Fleece Drum Carder


Golden Fleece Carders are a new addition to our equipment range.

This drum carder is great for carding and/or blending wool, cotton, and other fibres.
These drum carders aligns the fibers which prepares them for spinning.
It is also a great tool for preparing fleeces for other crafts like felting.

Thanks to the inserted bearings and industrial poly drive belt you can guarantee a smooth
and quiet operation.
The frame is made of birch plywood and measures 10” x 24” (25 x 60cm).
For the carding cloth we use highly tempered steel to ensure the longevity of the carder.

The drum carder produces batts of 7.5” x 24” (19 x 60cm)

The carder has interchangeable drums. So, in case you process different types of fibre you
can easily adjust the configuration by replacing the drums. The drums are available with
various carding cloth TPI (teeth per inch) Drums will be brought in to order.

* 72 TPI (Standard) – Suitable for the most common wool types
* 120 TPI (Fine) – Ideal for fine fibres like cotton, alpaca or angora

Including accessories:

– set of table clamps
– doffer pin
– cleaning brush
– set of Allen keys


Golden Fleece Drum Carder

It is Cumbria Wool Gathering Weekend (! So any orders placed between 4pm Thurs June 20th and 4pm Mon 24th June won’t get posted out until Tues 25th June. I will however post them out 1st class.

The shop in Reeth will also be closed during this period.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused and thank you for supporting this small business.

Best Wishes
Sara x