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The Threshing Barn stocks a wide range of Louët Weaving Accessories for all the Louët Weaving Looms.

Louët Weaving Looms are suitable for all kinds of weavers, those with space looking for a large electronic or mechanical loom or those who have limited space or need to take their loom on the road.

The Louët Weaving Accessories, stocked by the Threshing Barn include Fly and Flying Dutchman Shuttles, Floor Stands and Loom Benches, bobbin racks, Reeds and Carrying Bags.  All Louët Weaving Accessories are made to  the same high quality that you’ve come to expect from Louët Weaving Looms.

At the Threshing barn we price all our weaving accessories competitively.  We are alway happy to discuss your weaving requirements and how you can develop your weaving skills.

If you have any questions about your Louët equipment or you don’t see something on this website you’re after then please call to discuss your requirements.