When I am here I am open!

As a one women business I feel pushed and pulled in a multitude of different directions on a daily basis and being tied to specific opening hours is not helping me manage my time, my stress levels, my mental health, or my life in general! I need to make the business fit in with my life, my friends and my family.

To this end I will no longer promise to be at the shop in Reeth on any specific days or hours but if I am here the shop will be open. 

If you are going to be in the area or you are making a specific journey then please do not hesitate to ring or email to find out when I will be about and I will make sure that I am in and open for you. 

I will no doubt still be in Reeth least 4 or 5 days a week – but it may be an evening rather than a morning, breakfast time rather than lunch time…so don’t be disappointed just check in with me before you make plans. 

I can categorically say I will definitely not be open in the following dates – due to a yarn show, a prior commitment or maybe even a holiday!!

22 – 26 Feb – Unravel Festival of Yarn

29 Feb

8-11 March – East Anglia Yarn Festival

15 – 18 March

4 – 6 April

13-14 April

26 – 29 April – Wonderwool Wales

11 – 12 May

17-19 May – Buxton Wool Gathering

7 – 9 June

21-23 June – Cumbria Wool Gathering

13 – 14 July

26 – 29 July – Summer Wool Festival

9- 11 August – North East Wool Show

6 – 10 September – Southern Wool Show

27 – 29 September – Yarndale (TBC)

7 – 13 Oct

18 – 20 Oct – Bakewell Wool Gathering (TBC)

8 – 10 – November Yorkshire Yarn Fest

14 – 15 December – Christmas Wool Show

Its a Bank Holiday weekend (lets hope there is some sunshine!) – any orders placed after 3pm on Friday 24th May won’t be posted out until Tues 28th May. 
Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for supporting this small business.