March Newsletter

I moved my home and business over Christmas and the new year. I thank you all for your patience in trying to contact me. It took BT several weeks to install a phone line. My mobile has no reception in the mill due to its thick walls, the main mill towering over us and the surrounding Fells. The hands free Streamline machine didn’t work so all very challenging. I think my new neighbours wondered why I sat outside at night trying to download emails off my phone. The challenges of living in such a beautiful place.

I’ve moved to a newly converted spinning and dying mill alongside the river Clough. It has taken some getting used to listening to the river thundering down the rapids about seven metres from my back door. l’m told reassuringly it has never flooded in living memory! The collection of big wooden bobbins I had, are now being crafted into a table and bench. The bobbins will have gone from a woollen mill in Bradford, to silk mills in Macclesfield and Leek. I wonder if they originally were made at Stott Park Bobbin Mill in Cumbria which is also well worth a visit.

My new neighbours have made me very welcome. If you are planning a visit please phone first as I will not always be here even if it’s a day I’m working as I might be teaching away from here. I can also give you directions of where to park. At the main Farfield Mill is an amazing felt exhibition from the Dutch feltmakers. It is their only UK exhibition and runs until April 21st so combine a visit to me and the Felt Exhibition.

New Products

Schacht have introduced a variable reed frame that can take a selection of different sized small sections of reeds for the Flip and Cricket looms. A new big wooden Swift comes with or without a counter and will operate vertically or horizontally. On the website I now have a selection of YouTube videos for you to enjoy. Louet have now produced their new Olivia spinning wheel which is double treadle, scotch tension with beautiful turned wood. Gaywool Dyes are changing from tubs to tough resealable bags. This will mean I can keep the price the same and you will pay less postage. Also available later in the year will be bulk containers of dye.

Ashford have also been busy introducing new products a blending board, a 70cm knitters loom, a superfine drum carder with 120points, chunky 2.5dpi reeds and pickup sticks for weaving.

If you wish to come and try a spinning wheel please give me advance notice as I have to build the wheels and space doesn’t allow me to have them all built.

New Distribution

Strauch Fibre Equipment Co. I shall be assembling and demonstrating their range of hand made chain and belt drum carders, skein and ball winders. See them on our website and at the wool shows this year.

New Threshing Barn Products; Nuno felt packs full of loose weave fabrics, hand dyed lace etc. Mixed fabric packs colour coordinated with trimmings. Fibre bending packs full of colourful wool, Angelina fibres and hand dyed silks and tribal nylon. Bouquet bags full of my hand dyed wool and Wensleydale curls.


  • To purchase materials or to order any spinning and weaving supplies you can't find here online please email or phone.
  • We try to keep our opening hours up to date but if you are making a special trip please phone beforehand to make sure we are in,
  • All major credit cards accepted (except American Express).

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