Gaywool Dyes at The Threshing BarnCOLD WATER DYEING WITH GAYWOOL

For large amounts of rainbow dyeing, cold water dyeing is easy to do outside.


RAW WOOL, HANKS, SHEEPSKINS, etc. can all be done by this method. Wet wool, for every litre of water needed, you will have to add 40 grm of UREA (nitrogen) and 200ml Acetic Acid (white vinegar). Mix the desired dye powder with hot water; for example three colours and divide your litre of liquid between them, then simply dip hanks, paint strands (over a log for example) or pour dye so it runs DOWN the hank or spray (with a Windex spray bottle), wring out excess if very wet, (for sheepskins, if you want the same colour all over, work dye and liquor into skin to saturation point, with your gloved hands). After wringing out excess, simply cover with plastic and roll up and leave for 24 hours, less time in summer; after this time, rinse out excess dye, and dry.


Always be careful with boiling water. Wear gloves and a face-mask to avoid inhalation, ingestion, eye and skin contact with dyes. Dyeing area should be well ventilated.
Please note: Since we cannot anticipate or control the many different conditions under which this information and our products may be used, each user should review these recommendations in the specific context of the intended application and confirm that they are appropriate.



Gaywool Dyes are simple, complete, quick and fun. This dye is formulated specifically for raw or spun wool. The formulation includes the mordant and dyebath acidifier and thus all that is necessary to produce true to type colour fast dyeing. All dyeing of handspun wool should be done in skeins tied loosely in at least 4 places. It is also essential that they have been washed in a normal laundry detergent sufficiently to remove all trace of greasiness. The rate is, one level plastic cap full per 108g (4ozs).


You need a container suitable for heating and large enough to cover the wool with water. The exact quantity of water is not important but should be sufficient that it is easy to turn the wool over while dyeing is taking place. For every (1) skeins or I08g of wool, take one (1) LEVEL PLASTIC CAPFULL of dyestuff, dissolve in a small quantity of hot water (eg: 1 or 2 CUPFULLS) and add the dyebath.
Heat the dyebath to boiling. Take the skeins of wool and wet in warm water with a little kitchen detergent before putting in dyebath. Keep dyebath on or near boiling for approximately 30 minutes. Please Note: 80% of the dyeing reaction takes place in the first four (4) minutes, consequently it is most important to gently turn the wool over at regular intervals or lift wool clear with a wooden spoon, drain liquid slightly and replace; Wool then takes up a new mixture of water and dye; this helps to keep the dyeing even. Remove wool, rinse thoroughly in warm water, wring and hang to dry.



Raw fleece may be dyed washed or unwashed. Place fleece in container, fill with water 3/4 the way up the wool (do not cover the wool, or the dyes will run together). While bringing the water up to boiling point, sprinkle the dyes at random over the fleece, using compatible colours; gently poke the fleece into the water, do not stir; boil for approximately 30 minutes. Several colours can be used together, e.g. Raspberry and Logwood Cornflower and Indigo, or just one colour using different strengths.
WOOL IN HANKS can be dyed using the above directions. For more muted colours, instead of sprinkling the powder, dilute the powder in boiling water first. Pour or spray.

NOTE: Keep water level even, add more water if necessary by pouring down the side of the pan; make sure the wool does not catch on the bottom.


BALLS of wool may be wet in warm water with a little detergent, and “injected” with a syringe filled with dye powder and water (approx.. 1 capfull or less of dye powder to 108gms of wool). Place in microwave for 8 minutes on high and cover with film of plastic, or in an oven bag and in the oven on medium for 20 minutes.
HANKS OR STAPLES of wool may be dyed using the above method. Wet wool, place in an icecream bucket, sprinkle or spray, with dye powder at random, using several colours if desired, or paint dip, place in microwave for 8 minutes, cover with film of plastic or in an oven bag and in the oven for 20 minutes on medium.

GAYWOOL DYES are excellent on Wool, Mohair, Cashmere, Fur, Silk and nylon, but not on other synthetic fibres. Also for re-dyeing light coloured manufactured garments.

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