Texsolv Heddles


Price is per 100 Texsolv Heddles – please read below to make sure you order the correct length and suitable type for your loom.

150mm – Louet Erica

205mm – Louet Jane, Louet Klik, Glimakra Victoria, Louet Magic Dobby, Louet Kombo, AVL Workshop Dobby Loom

220mm – Ashford Table Loom, Ashford Katie, Glimakra Band Loom

237mm – Schact Pup, Schact Baby wolf. Schact Mighty Wolf, Schact Standard, Schact Floor Loom, LeClerc Diana, LeClerc Dorothy, Voyager loom.

268mm – Ashford Jack Loom, Leclerc Artisat, Fanny, Mira, Nillus

280mm – Louet David, Toika Eeva, Toika Laila, Toika Liisa, Toika Joana, Toika Norjoana, Glimakra Counter Balance, Glimakra Counter March

318mm – LeClerc colonial, LeClerc Kebee, LeClerc Nilart. LeClerc Nilus II, Weavebird Looms.

330mm – Louet delta, Toika Computer Dobby Looms, AVL Studio Dobby Loom, Glimakra Cb & CM Extra Shed.

390mm – Louet Megado, Louet Spring and AVL A Series

Texsolv Heddles