Glimåkra Standard – countermarch loom


In a countermarch tie-up the shafts are raised or lowered independently of each other as compared to the counterbalance tie-up, where the shafts are balanced against each other.

Since the shafts may be raised and lowered independently, the shed will be even and better – this is an advantage in any weaving. This is more significant in multi-shaft weaving, when using delicate material or uneven number of shafts or a narrow warp in a wide loom or with uneven distribution of warp threads in the shafts.

Two types of Countermarches are available, one with two sets of horizontal jacks and the other with one set of vertical jacks.

Standard countermarch loom
No heddles or tie up kit included

Comes in three shaft types 4,8 or 12 and four width from 100 cm to 160cm.

Glimåkra Standard – countermarch loom

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