Weaving Temples


Weaving Temples make weaving easier and the Glimakra temples are designed in wood so they don’t scratch your loom or prick your fingers. The teeth of the Glimakra temples are made thin and extremely sharp.

The  Weaving Temples are made to work within a range of widths, the longer ones with a wider range. They are also thicker and wider. Weavers generally purchase more than one temple, selecting the sizes which work with the weaving widths they usually use.

We supply Temples in the following sizes. Please phone if the size you require is not on website.

  • 20-25 cm
  • 25-32 cm
  • 30-40 cm
  • 35-45 cm
  • 40-55 cm
  • 50-75 cm
  • 60-90 cm
  • 70-100 cm
  • 80-130 cm

Weaving Temples

I am having a couple of nights away visiting family over the Easter Holidays. 
Any orders received after 2pm on Weds 3rd April, will be posted out 1st class when I am back on Saturday 6th April 1st class. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Thank you for supporting this small business.