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PLY Magazine from The Threshing Barn

Here at PLY Magazine, our mission as a primary source for spinning knowledge, technique, and opinion is to do the following:

  • supportreflect, and respond to the worldwide handspinning community
  • provide in-depth material for intermediate to advanced spinners
  • inspire new spinners
  • celebrate the diversity of spinning and handspinners
  • give a voice to spinners everywhere
  • record the rich history, report on the vibrant present, and inspire the hopeful future of spinning by creating a themed, archive-worthy document of the spinning community’s aspirations, activities, and achievements.
  • support indie businesses and craftspeople via affordable advertising, fair compensation, and return of intellectual property.

Here at The Threshing Barn we’re excited about spinning and we know you are as well which is why we are delighted to be the UK’s sole distributor of PLY Magazine.

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