Majacraft Whorls

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Majacraft whorls will fit on any of their wheels so you can use the variety we offer to find the exact ratio you are after. There are similarities in the sizes of some of the whorls so unless you are working to a particularly precise ratio, there may not be a huge benefit in using a Little Gem whorl on a Suzie for example.

Majacraft turn these whorls themselves to ensure they are to their very high standards. American Ash is the wood as it is both relatively lightweight and has very even density so will not create vibration when it spins.

It is highly recommended you reference the Majacraft ratios page to determine the exact spinning ratio you wish to achieve on your Majacraft wheel.


The Suzie whorl is available in either lacquered or Majacraft green finish. It is generally used on the Suzie and Rose only.


The Little Gem whorl is finished in clear lacquer and is generally used on the Little Gem only.


The large Rose whorl is finished in clear lacquer. This whorl is also available as part of a Slow Speed Kit for the Suzie wheels. 

Included in the Majacraft Slow Speed Kit is a slow whorl, allen key and large diameter flyer hook (12mm). It is particularly suited to the Suzie (the same whorl is included as part of the Rose package) and is designed to spin very slowly for people who want to make soft, lofty yarns. The large flyer hook is well suited for lofty yarn as it tends to have a bit more bulk to it than most spinning.


The fast whorl is a specialist whorl particularly suited to spinning ultra-fine yarns like lace or silk. It  is regularly used on all of our wheels.

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Majacraft Whorls
Majacraft Whorls
Majacraft Whorls
Majacraft Whorls
Majacraft Whorls
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