The Octado Loom is another great dobby weaving loom from Louët: 8 Shafts, 70 cm, 90 cm and 110 cm weaving width (28″, 36” and 44”). A dobby mechanism (programmable shaft selector) is an alternative for the tie-ups to the treadles on a standard hand weaving loom.

Looms with 16 or more shafts need a dobby mechanism, because it becomes unmanageable to operate such a loom with treadles. The successful introduction of the Megado dobby loom in 1998, and the reaction of weavers showed us that a dobby is not only necessary for a loom with many shafts, but it makes weaving so much more comfortable. Of course this also goes for looms with less than 16 shafts.

An 8-shafts jack loom requires an average of 40 tie-ups on the treadles. A counter marche requires 80 tie-ups. This needs to be done in a very uncomfortable position.

With a dobby loom, you can say good-bye to the tie-ups! An investment in a Louët dobby loom will allow you many years of comfortable weaving.

The new Octado Loom has a similar operating method as the familiar Megado. This means a big counter marche shed and a very light treadling action. Again, easy on the weaver. The Octado Loom can be operated with a mechanical dobby, or with an electronic interface.


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