Paper Making Courses


Our Paper making courses at The Threshing Barn include Recycled paper, textile paper and plant material paper

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Recycled Paper Making Courses

Our used office paper is sorted into colours and shredded ready for you to make a pulp. A walk round our garden or fields produces petals, herbs, grasses etc to add texture and interest to your paper. Using a mold and decal learn how to make textured and smooth paper, then moving on to emboss, laminate, frame, build up patterns, create positive, negative images, incorporate leaves, feathers, threads etc

Textile Paper Making Courses

Your chance to come and learn about all the different fibres that can be used to make paper. Silk reveals cocoons, rods, noils, sliver, throwsters waste, hankies, caps, bells etc which all make stunning paper. From the plant world use flax, hemp, jute, sisal, linen, cotton etc. (You will feel like a kid in a sweetie shop with all these stunning fibres to play with!) These papers will inspire you for collage, cards, covering notebooks etc

Plant Material Paper Making Courses

Take docks, nettles, sweet com husks, pampas grass, hay, banana and onion skins etc and turn them into wonderful sheets of textured paper. A rather messy process with soaking, boiling with wood ash and blending. A seasonal course run in the Spring and Summer