Natural & Synthetic dyeing courses


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Natural Dyes

So many beautiful colours can be produced from our garden and household waste, e.g. onion skins, carrot tops, rhubarb, barks, berries and flowers.
Learn about fugitive and substantive dyes, mordants and fixing methods.
We will make a series of woollen swatches to keep as a future guide.

Synthetic Dyes

We are the European agent for Gaywool Dyes from Australia. These are easy to use, all in one, dyes ideal for wool, silk, nylon, mohair, alpaca etc. Wool can be cleaned raw fleece, spun, knitted or felted.
Come and have fun playing with subtle to vibrant colours.

Shibori Dyeing

Pleat and sew silk into tight bundles and daub with Gaywool dyes to produce stunning patterns, a beautiful way to decorate silk scarves

For usage instructions – click here

Natural & Synthetic dyeing courses

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