Felt Making Courses


We offer a large variety of  felt making courses at different levels using a selection of wools. Our own farm reared wool, rare breed fleeces from the Peak District and Merino wool from New Zealand all produce different quality felt.

Using soap, water and friction make:

  • Basic flat felt pictures, placemats or scarves etc
  • 3D items such as handbags, cushions, egg and tea cosies, vases etc
  • 3D items made on blocks such as slippers and hats
  • Nuno felt which is felting wool onto a backing fabric for scarves and clothes
  • Felted beads, pendants and brooches, which can be combined with glass and wooden beads to make a selection of jewellery. Rounded jewellery cases are made by felting wool round pebbles.

Using dry felting needles make:

  • A selection of beads and brooches
  • Models with or without wire armateurs which can be used for nativity scenes, festive characters, farmyard animals and even the fairies of Lower Lady Meadows.
  • Small pictures to be used on clothing, greeting cards and to adorn completed wet felt

Felt Making Courses

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