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The Threshing Barn has the exclusive distribution in the UK for this exciting new magazine.

There are two options available  – an annual subscription or you can buy per issue.

Here at PLY Magazine, our mission as a primary source for spinning knowledge, technique, and opinion is to do the following:

  • supportreflect, and respond to the worldwide handspinning community
  • provide in-depth material for intermediate to advanced spinners
  • inspire new spinners
  • celebrate the diversity of spinning and handspinners
  • give a voice to spinners everywhere
  • record the rich history, report on the vibrant present, and inspire the hopeful future of spinning by creating a themed, archive-worthy document of the spinning community‚Äôsaspirationsactivities, and achievements.
  • support indie businesses and craftspeople via affordable advertising, fair compensation, and return of intellectual property.

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Subscribe to PLY Magazine now by calling The Threshing Barn on (+44) 1969 663191 or by emailing us at

Ply Magazine

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